Skip the techno-talk and get informed on the business and art of filmmaking.

Ready to breakthrough with your indie film?

Our signature two day intensive that will break down every step you need to take to make your film successfully.

Over the course of the weekend you will learn everything from how to develop a unique, striking script to how find the best cast for it, from foolproof strategies to raising finance to running an efficient, inspired set getting the best from your team, and finally learning what to do with your film when you are finished so that you make money and get to do it again.

You will walk away from this weekend inspired, empowered, and with all the tools and knowledge you need to make a stand out independent film.

If you have ever dreamed of making a movie but are:

  • daunted by the task
  • unsure where to start
  • worried that your film will end up being yet another unseen indie

This is the workshop for you!  We will take away your fears and give you the information and inspiration you need, as well as an actionable plan to put into action.

Learn about crafting a successful screenplay & things to avoid. Write a business plan, shoot a trailer and find the money!

Plan your film. We show you how to find the right cast and crew for your film and what to do when you can’t afford a professional.

One of the most memorable times of your life, we help you make production a positive experience that will be key to your success.

Now what? The landscape for film is ever-changing. We show you the latest opportunities and how to leverage proven strategies.



Here's what you can expect from your Workshop Weekend.


Through our own experiences, we have broken down the filmmaking process to Sixteen Steps, and these are the focus of the weekend.

These are not necessarily what you would learn in film school or what conventional wisdom would hold as the way to go about making a movie, but based on our experience making Sundance winner Obselidia, they provide you with a clear, simple and actionable plan to making your own film. We honestly believe that these Sixteen Steps give you the best chance of making a truly amazing, unique stand out indie film.

We won’t bore you with tech talk, 4k this and LED that. We don’t think great filmmaking is about the tools. Great filmmaking is about courage, risk, heart, character and story (though not necessarily in that order), and we will encourage you to delve deep and go further than you thought possible. To raise the bar on yourself and the story you want to tell, as well as how to tell it for maximum effect.

We also lift the veil on the business of making a successful indie film: how to assemble an irresistible package for raising finance, who you should approach for money and how you can make sure you get it.  Our approach is fresh, original – and it works!  You don’t need connections or a known name; we had none of those when we made our first feature.

Everything you’ll learn is practical knowledge rooted in the real world.  We want to share the absolute truth of making indie films today, and you will get information that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you are ready to take the leap and actually MAKE A MOVIE, rather than talk about it, this is the workshop for you.  


obselidia poster_fullAfter you sign up for the workshop, you will be sent a link to stream Obselidia as well as a PDF of the shooting script. To get the most out of the workshop, we recommend that you watch the film and read the script beforehand.

During the workshop, you will receive a copy of our coveted detailed filmmaking manual. We will also share with you the actual budget and shooting schedule of Obselidia, thereby giving you real insight into how we actually made this movie for such a small amount of money and providing you with a blueprint for how to do it yourself.

When you register:

  A link to stream our case study film OBSELIDIA before attending.
  A copy of the OBSELIDIA shooting script in PDF format.

When you attend:

   A copy of the coveted REBEL HEART FILMMAKING MANUAL.
   A copy of the OBSELIDIA final detailed budget.
  A copy of the OBSELIDIA shooting schedule.

You don’t have to love Obselidia to gain real knowledge from this process (though of course, we hope you do love it!). The fact is this was a microbudget movie that made an impression, and we want to show you how you can do that with your movie too.



It's an intense weekend. But it's also fun!

Something we strongly believe in is that if it isn’t enjoyable, you’re doing it wrong. This is true of filmmaking. Sure, there’s a way to do it that is all stress and fear and ego, but that is not the Rebel Heart Film way.

Our way of filmmaking is all about inclusivity and community building. We know the best way to make a movie is to bring together a family of inspired creatives and technicians, a family built on trust, respect, shared values and love, and we are certain that working in this spirit will give you the greatest chance of success with your movie.

We think of our workshops as a place where new families will be born. That we come together to share, to inspire, to engage in dialogue, to be honest, open, curious, supportive, vulnerable, and strong. That we embolden each other in our quests to take creative risks and make great movies. Because that is what it’s all about.

For this reason, we provide a delicious lunch on both days of the workshop (and often a glass of wine too!) – at no extra cost. 

Developing a film, like all creative pursuits, can feel like a very solitary pursuit, but great strength comes from connecting with others on the path, and the Rebel Heart Workshop is designed to be that – a place where filmmakers can connect, nourish, and grow.


Much of what we are teaching is actually about the prep. In my opinion the hardest work is there. Writing the script, getting the team, the money, making it happen is all the climbing the hill…the shoot is the summit..and if you’ve done it all right in the first two stages, the third stage (post) should be pretty straightforward.

The success of stage 2 and 3 (the shoot and post) is 100% dependent on the work of stage 1. If you’ve done all you can in stage 1 and made good choices there, you have some possibility of success. If you haven’t you’re screwed. – Diane Bell

"I wish I had done this workshop BEFORE I made my first film. I wouldn't have made the mistakes I did. Everyone who is thinking of making an indie film should go to the Rebel Heart Workshop. They won't regret it."

-Ross Clarke, director, DERMAPHOBIA