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So you want to make a movie, but have no idea where to start.  You have good taste, you want to make a good one!  But where will you get the money?  How much do you need?  Where do find cast and crew?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed – but this brief workshop will give you an actionable blueprint for success.

Based on the Rebel Heart Film two day workshop, this free 2 hour version will provide a simple overview of the process of developing, funding, producing and distributing an indie film today.

See you off the slopes!


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So, it’s been a while. In fact, it’s been so long, I’m not sure I remember how to do this.

Some of you have reached out to me and asked what’s going on. Is Rebel Heart Film still a thing?   Because Chris and I haven’t taught a workshop in many months or even planned one. I haven’t written any blogs, have rarely posted on our Facebook page, tweeted more about politics than films. For the last six months, I’ve more or less disappeared from the Rebel Heart world.

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