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So much is written about screenwriting and shooting films, but it seems there’s very little on what it is to finish a film, which is often a long and emotionally challenging process. As I prepare to begin the final sound mix on OF DUST AND BONES next week, I thought I’d share a few thoughts on post-production, particularly to help those who might be approaching it for the first time.

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We live in a world of instant gratification. If we want something, we want it now. We don’t want to wait.

We also live in a world where we measure success in dollars and cents and in the numbers of likes or followers on a social media page. External validation is everything.

As filmmakers, what this means is that we often feel an incredible pressure to succeed – both quickly and visibly. Success for our movie means:

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Both of these guys embody our idea of successful indie careers.  They have tirelessly pursued making the movies they wanted to make, no matter what.

We love this recent chat published in Indiewire with them in which they reveal so many truths about the path of being an indie filmmaker – it’s so worth reading.  From the difficulty of getting things off the ground to the trauma when a film is not well received, it’s great to hear two such distinguished filmmakers be so honest.  Because let’s be serious: it’s not easy to make movies, no matter what anyone thinks.

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There is a popular idea that a successful career in filmmaking goes like this: you make a movie for $100k, which gets you the chance to make a movie for $1 million, which in turn, gets you into the $10 million budget range, which wins you the chance to direct Batman.

This is the model that is taught at Dov Simen’s famous 2 Day Film School. It’s also more or less how it worked very famously for Chris Nolan, who did indeed go from directing a 50k movie to Batman, step by step. Most novice filmmakers are beholden to the idea that this how their career will go too, or how it should.

There are however two massive flaws in this idea, and once you realize them as a filmmaker, and embrace them as truth, you will be on a solid road to a truly sustainable career in filmmaking.

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I’ve recently wrapped production on my third feature, OF DUST AND BONES, and quite honestly, it was one of the most fulfilling creative experiences of my life.  It got me to thinking about the essence of filmmaking, and the crucial elements that will lead to a happy time and a successful films, the most essential advice for anyone starting out.  Here in super-condensed form are five points I think EVERY first time filmmaker should know:

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