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Indie producer Anne Lundgren, along with her husband, writer/director Gary Lundgren, are true Rebel Heart Film heroes.  They live in Ashland, Oregon where together they have made the three features in the last five years: Calvin Marshall, Redwood Highway, and Black Road.

My path first crossed with them when our film Obselidia played at Ashland at the same time as their movie, Calvin Marshall.  Our paths recently crossed again, and we got to talking about how to create a sustainable living as an indie filmmaker.

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You have a script. It’s pretty straightforward – a contemporary drama or comedy, or dramedy perhaps. In any case, it’s not period, it doesn’t require big explosions or any special effects. It’s do-able on a small budget. Perhaps you even wrote it with that in mind, a film you could make yourself on a modest budget.

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Over the years, I’ve come to realize that the reason I write and tell stories (and have to do it) is to address issues that I find incredibly hard to deal with in real life. It’s as if the stories create a way to go to the dark places that scare me the most and perhaps shed some light within them, illuminating some fragmented hope, perhaps even revealing a path towards healing.

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