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I’ve recently wrapped production on my third feature, OF DUST AND BONES, and quite honestly, it was one of the most fulfilling creative experiences of my life.  It got me to thinking about the essence of filmmaking, and the crucial elements that will lead to a happy time and a successful films, the most essential advice for anyone starting out.  Here in super-condensed form are five points I think EVERY first time filmmaker should know:

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We are exactly two weeks away from shooting my new film, OF DUST AND BONES, and the last week or so, my life has been devoted mostly to one thing: working on the shot list with the Director of Photography, TJ Hellmuth.

For me, this is one of the most pleasurable parts of preproduction. It’s when I‘m forced to tune into the movie that pre-exists in my head in a whole new way.

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Indie producer Anne Lundgren, along with her husband, writer/director Gary Lundgren, are true Rebel Heart Film heroes.  They live in Ashland, Oregon where together they have made the three features in the last five years: Calvin Marshall, Redwood Highway, and Black Road.

My path first crossed with them when our film Obselidia played at Ashland at the same time as their movie, Calvin Marshall.  Our paths recently crossed again, and we got to talking about how to create a sustainable living as an indie filmmaker.

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