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Last Monday I went out to the desert with a small gang of crew and cast to shoot some test footage for a new film. I want to share with you something of the experience and why I think it embodies the Rebel Heart Film way of making movies.

Here’s who went out with me (and I tell you this not just to give a grateful shout out, but also to share who you might need for your own test shoot):

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Next Monday I’m going out to the desert near Joshua Tree to shoot tests for a new feature.

It’s an intense, quiet piece about a woman (Clio) living in a small wooden house out there with ghosts and memories, whose hermitlike existence is interrupted when a man (Alex) comes to visit. Alex was the best friend of her dead husband, and he’s come with an agenda. Clio’s husband was a war photographer, killed in Syria, and Alex wants the rights to his last work to use in a film he is making. The two have radically opposing ideas about how to do good in this world, and during the course of the film, they push each other to the brink. The ultimate question isn’t what is worth dying for, but what is worth living for.

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