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You have a script. It’s pretty straightforward – a contemporary drama or comedy, or dramedy perhaps. In any case, it’s not period, it doesn’t require big explosions or any special effects. It’s do-able on a small budget. Perhaps you even wrote it with that in mind, a film you could make yourself on a modest budget.

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Over the years, I’ve come to realize that the reason I write and tell stories (and have to do it) is to address issues that I find incredibly hard to deal with in real life. It’s as if the stories create a way to go to the dark places that scare me the most and perhaps shed some light within them, illuminating some fragmented hope, perhaps even revealing a path towards healing.

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“De-mythologizing the making of films is essential in this day and age. I’m a cynical one at times – so I was surprised at just how much you helped pull the veil off the BS train. THANK YOU for your honesty and candor…having 2 days of unfettered guidance and frank illuminations from badass peers currently on the frontlines was wonderful. You are doing such a good thing!!!!” – Alicia J. Rose, filmmaker

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