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There is a popular idea that a successful career in filmmaking goes like this: you make a movie for $100k, which gets you the chance to make a movie for $1 million, which in turn, gets you into the $10 million budget range, which wins you the chance to direct Batman.

This is the model that is taught at Dov Simen’s famous 2 Day Film School. It’s also more or less how it worked very famously for Chris Nolan, who did indeed go from directing a 50k movie to Batman, step by step. Most novice filmmakers are beholden to the idea that this how their career will go too, or how it should.

There are however two massive flaws in this idea, and once you realize them as a filmmaker, and embrace them as truth, you will be on a solid road to a truly sustainable career in filmmaking.

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I’ve recently wrapped production on my third feature, OF DUST AND BONES, and quite honestly, it was one of the most fulfilling creative experiences of my life.  It got me to thinking about the essence of filmmaking, and the crucial elements that will lead to a happy time and a successful films, the most essential advice for anyone starting out.  Here in super-condensed form are five points I think EVERY first time filmmaker should know:

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For the first time, we are bringing the Rebel Heart Workshop to the UK.

We are so excited about this, as we passionately believe that what we teach is transferable everywhere.  The Rebel Heart Film method is a self-starting, entrepreneurial based approach to filmmaking.  What we teach is that wherever you are, whoever you are: if you want to make a film, there is nothing to stop you.  We give you all the tools and knowledge you need to make it happen, from developing your script to raising funds, from actually producing it to distributing it.

If you are tired of waiting to be greenlit; tired of being rejected by that the powers that be; if you know you have a story to tell as a film but don’t know how to get started or are afraid that it will get lost in the noise: this is the workshop for you!

Join us and start living the creative life you dream of.

Edinburgh, Sept 26-27 – tickets available here.

Brighton, Oct 10-11 – tickets available here.



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Thrilled to announce that Bleeding Heart, Rebel Heart Film founder Diane Bell’s second film, will be released before the end of the year in the U.S.  It’s a dramatic thriller starring Jessica Biel and Zosia Mamet.

Zosia Mamet and Diane Bell at the Tribeca Film Fest in April

Diane Bell (left) and Zosia Mamet at the premier of Bleeding Heart at the Tribeca Film Fest.

Stay tuned for more news soon!

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