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Thrilled to share that our film, OF DUST AND BONES, will have its world premier at the Vail Film Festival in Colorado on April 7.

It’s about a grieving woman who is so shattered by the violence of the world that she has retreated from it.  She lives the life of a recluse in the desert, quietly spending her days collecting rocks and building a monument that no one will ever see.  Into this stark world arrives an uninvited man from her past, who has come with a secret agenda.

It’s a slow burning film, a meditation on grief, suffering and how we live in a world beset with violence.  It quietly explores some big burning topics: the role of war photography in ending suffering, the ongoing devastating war in Syria and our inability to do anything about it, the question of whether we must try to act to end the suffering of others or whether all our actions just make situations worse.

I hope you can join us at Vail – the entire cast and some of the crew will be there for a Q&A afterwards.  We are thrilled to be launching our film into the world.

Click HERE for more info about the screening at the Vail Film Festival.


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  1. Sandra Medlin

    I was present at the premiere Of Dust and Bones in Vail CO. This a stunningly beautiful and deeply moving film. I will never forget the way the story unfolded and affected my heart in a way that has truly shifted my world view in these difficult times. Thanks to Diane and all persons who participated in creating this work of art.


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