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After I wrote my first screenplay (which got optioned and started my career), I often was asked, “how long did it take to write?”

The answer?  Eight weeks…over three years!

Since then, I never take more than eight weeks (over eight weeks) to write a first draft, and often a lot less, because I’ve honed the techniques and tools I need, as well as developed the confidence to break through the fears.

When the Lighthouse Writer’s Workshop here in Denver first asked me to consider teaching a class for them, I immediately thought: what would have been most helpful for me starting out?  And this is what I came up with.

In eight weeks, we go from exploring what you should be writing about to actually getting down your first draft of a screenplay.  I’ve taught this class three times now, and each time it gets sharper.

This class is for the absolute novice (someone who has never before written a screenplay, or even read one) as well as the more experienced screenwriter who hankers after some deadlines, discipline and weekly inspiration while writing a draft.  It’s always an incredibly supportive and encouraging environment, and it’s wonderful to see connections develop between screenwriters that I suspect will help them for years to come.

The next one begins March 21, sign up here.

I look forward to this adventure!

–Diane Bell


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