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Filmmaking is not a solitary pursuit.  No matter who you are and how gifted you are, it’s nearly impossible to make a film on your own: you need cast and crew, not to mention investors and advocates – and ultimately you’ll also need an audience for it to have any reason for existing at all.

All the same, often we spend years planning, preparing and dreaming pretty much all by ourselves, figuring out what we want to make and how we’re going to make it.  It’s often a lonely business and it’s a hard road to walk on your own.

This is partly why, with Chris, I started Rebel Heart Film – because we firmly believe that one of the keys to successful filmmaking (and to a longterm successful career in film) is to develop a community of support.

To cultivate a group of friends who can read your scripts and give you honest, helpful feedback (and to do the same for them).

To have other filmmakers you can turn to for advice and knowledge as you go through the process – this can be as practical as “do you know a great line producer?” or as support driven as “how do you deal with being told no by a potential investor?”

To have relationships with cast and crew that you love and can work with again and again.

Part of the aim of Rebel Heart Film is to create that community – and it’s starting to happen, and I honestly couldn’t be happier.  We’ve now had three workshops (two in LA and one in Portland) and out of those, friendships have formed and networks have been born.  Three of our alumni are going into production this summer, and other alumni will be working on their films and helping them get made.

We want to do what we can to nurture and support everyone who comes to the workshop, so we have a closed (and secret!) Facebook group in which news can be exchanged, and we’ll soon be hosting our very first alumni gathering (June 28, mark the date, alumni!) which we hope to make into a regular event.

As ever, don’t hesitate to reach out  if there is something we could be doing to help you on your path to making kick ass, stand out indie films.  That’s why we are here.  Chris and I want to help other filmmakers achieve their dreams – as we continue to work on fulfilling our own.

If you haven’t participated in one of our workshops yet, join us in Santa Monicaon June 21-22 or in the Santa Cruz mountains on August 29-30 and be a part of the indie filmmaking revolution.   

None of us can do it alone.  We would love to do it with you.

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