We support the rebel spirit that helped us succeed by sharing what we've learned.


2-Day Workshop

Over the course of the weekend we will cover everything from how to develop a unique, striking script to how find the best cast for it, from strategies to raise finance to running an efficient, inspired set getting the best from your team, and finally what to do with your film when you are finished. More…


One-on-One Consulting

Wherever you are in your process, Chris and Diane are available to work with you to help you realize your aims.  Bringing a wealth of hands on knowledge and experience, they can help you avoid problems that could sink your film before you even shoot it. More…


Rebel Heart Filmmaker's Handbook

Get the only book you will ever need to take you from script to screen.  We have put together a comprehensive manual filled with real world examples to help you solve those everyday problems get your film to completion.  Join us in a workshop for a free copy! More…

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Helpful tips, techniques, and occasional ramblings from the contributors to the Rebel Heart Film Workshop.


Why Rebel Heart?


REBEL HEART is all about empowering you with the tools and real-life knowledge that you need to make a successful indie film. From developing your script to raising funds, from gathering an amazing cast and crew to shooting your film so it looks like it was made for a million dollars; and finally to finishing it and launching into the world, REBEL HEART covers it all.  Thousands of films will be made this year (literally: thousands) – we want to help you make the best film you can – a film that truly stands out from the crowd. We will give you all the practical tools you need to succeed as well as the courage and faith that you can do it.

How do we know you can?  Because we did.

And if we can, you can too!

Make It Happen

Dream of getting your next movie into a major film festival?



Here's what people are saying.

  • I was lucky enough to meet Diane and Chris at a film festival and a wonderful friendship came out of it. I continue to be bowled over by their unceasing generosity when it comes to supporting other filmmakers. In fact, it is largely due to their help and guidance that my own first movie came together. I am forever indebted to them and am confident that anyone who attends their Rebel Heart workshop will feel the same.
    Jessie McCormack,Writer | Director | Producer "Expecting"

  • Working with Diane on Obselidia was such a pleasure. She is the best kind of creative partner, extremely giving and open to ideas. Obselidia’s success has everything to do with who Diane is and what she represents.
    Zak Mulligan,Cinematographer | Sundance Award Winner "Obselidia"

  • When I first met Diane she was a yoga teacher in Barcelona. Within a couple of years, she was living the Hollywood Dream - selling a brilliant original comedy script, living in LA and developing a slate of her own unique indie projects.  ‘Obselidia’ is an example to us all - a deeply personal and beautifully-executed movie made outside the system and its gatekeepers, and yet which found an audience across the globe. In Chris she has the perfect producing partner, a hands-on, can-do producer who shares her vision but can crunch the numbers and make it happen. They make an inspiring team - I can think of no-one else I’d rather learn top tips about indie film-making from.
    Peter Ettedgui,Writer | Producer "Kinky Boots"

  • I've worked with Diane as her manager since we met when Obselidia was at Sundance 2010.  She and Chris are very positive, talented, creative filmmakers who have a ton of hands-on experience and knowledge to share.  I have no doubt they will be inspiring guides and I look forward to seeing movies created under the guidance of Rebel Heart.
    Dan Halsted,Manager | Producer, MANAGE-MENT

  • When I first met Diane and Chris it was via skype, I knew immediately that they were the most amazing talented duo.  Diane is a hugely talented writer and director and with Chris by her side with his vast knowledge of physical production makes them a force to be reckoned with.  I have had the pleasure of working with them both for the last 3 years and look forward to continuing our work together.

    Suzanne Reid,Producer | Co-producer "What We Did on Our Holiday"

  • I was thrilled to learn that Chris and Diane have created Rebel Heart Film. They are two of the most kind, generous, and committed filmmakers I know. I can't think of a better duo to educate and inspire visual storytellers nationwide. It's important work. The world needs more authentic, risk-taking storytelling, and artists need to be encouraged in this way.
    Jennifer Kushner,Director of Artist Development, Film Independent

  • I have worked for Diane and Chris many times as a composer and they never fail to be anything other than inspirational. They are true lovers of film and they have a relentless respect for the art and creativity that underpins great work. They are beyond passionate in every aspect of the film making process and have a unique vision which is as honest and practical as it is maverick. Making a film with them is always an education and a genuine joy.
    Liam Howe,Music Producer, Sneaker Pimps, Composer "Obselidia"

  • It was a privilege to be a part of your first Workshop! Thank you so much for this unbelievably empowering and informative weekend. The Rebel Heart Film Workshop was one of the greatest investments I have made for my career. It was truly inspiring and answered all of my questions and gave me the extra confidence I needed to move forward with all of the ideas I had floating around in my head. It helped me to realize that there is a tried and true way to get projects done without sacrificing creativity and to continuously build a reliable ongoing group of filmmakers and actors to get great projects done. The workshop helped me to simplify my projects in order to take a great idea and produce it for a modest budget, with out sacrificing quality. It has reinforced the idea that actors can truly take charge of their careers and create great content! Thank you for motivating me and breaking everything down into understandable and doable steps. Thank you for reminding me that I have made a great career choice and connecting me with a great group of filmmakers that I can collaborate with in the near future! Thank you again Diane and Chris for sharing your knowledge, experiences and expertise!
    Jeff Gadigan,

  • The Rebel Heart Film Workshop, was a fantastic experience where I met a lot of like minded and interesting people, and received a wealth of information as well. The workshop was intimate, and we all received a lot of personal attention. I highly suggest the workshop to anyone who wants to get their project off the ground, no matter their level of experience.
    Ricardo Lopez-Franco,

  • The Rebel Heart filmmaking workshop is a wealth of information and an inspiring blueprint for any film maker with ambitions to tackle their own indie feature production.
    AJ Vargas,

  • Diane Bell's Rebel Heart Workshop is the quickest way to learn how to budget and schedule a low budget independent feature. With concrete paperwork and examples, she shows you how to hire a crew, budget your film, and schedule your production. As a director with micro-budget music videos, shorts, and one feature under my belt, I found her intensive invaluable. Diane bridges the gap between no-budget filmmaking and studio indies, giving you an actionable roadmap for how to create an independent film in the 150K-200K range. Her style is candid and honest, and her workshop draws from real-world experience as a working independent director. In addition to the wealth of practical advice provided in the workshop, Diane also offers creative and artistic filmmaking tips. I left the workshop empowered and inspired to make my second feature. I highly recommend her workshop to anyone who is looking to make an independent film.
    Rory Gory,Director "Audience"

  • Thank you and Chris again for an unbelievable weekend. I told a friend, “Its the best money and time I’ve spent in LA since I moved here.” I truly feel like I can stop waiting for the phone to ring and go create my own career - as an actor especially, you have no idea how empowering that is. To be able to collaborate with others of like mind and have the support of a community is invaluable. I immediately went home and changed around a bunch of stuff on an idea I have for a feature to “fit” the micro budget format. I’m more motivated than ever and hope to be able to reach out for help along the way!
    Alvin Cowan,

  • Thank YOU AND CHRIS for inspiring, educating, and motivating me to follow my heart!
    Dan Eason,

  • Thank you again for the incredibly insightful, practical and completely inspiring seminar this weekend. A lot of mysteries have been debunked. You and Chris made a viable and sustainable film career understandable. I am committed to putting plans into motion.
    Adam Stockman,

  • I want to thank you for this weekend as well. It is truly appreciated. I'm grateful I came across you and your workshop. For years I've been struggling (and a little afraid) with trying to figure out how to get filmmaking in to my life and you gave me a direction to start. Thank you!
    Kristin Clark,

  • Your workshop was just what I needed to gain clarity and take another pass at the script with new eyes. Your spirit and integrity are palpable and infectious!
    Lisa Todd Peterson,Actor

  • Your willingness to share your experiences and stories was so helpful for me as I’m exploring my first long-form narrative project. The workshop helped me understand the formal constraints of creating a successful create a micro-budget film.  It was super helpful for me to hear how the relationships between the director and cinematographer, director and editor and LLC and producers work. I’ve read about these roles but until the workshop I didn’t fully understand how these worked together to leverage the talents and intelligences of each of these people and roles. I admire you for your commitment to art. You’re both so very alive and engender a great and positive energy that’s refreshing and contagious. I was captivated by this spirit when I saw the interviews with you guys on Film Courage and then I saw it again when I watched “Obselidia”—you deserve all the good things that have come to you and many more.
    Jeff Oliver,Poet


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